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Oven rice cookers are very convenient. They are not only very affordable, but are also space savers. Cooking rice on the stove is tiring, not to mention the mess. This new cookware promises to ease the work.

Oven rice


Baked Rice is hassle-free and easy. It always cooks perfectly and tastes so good that you will want to bake it all the time. If you have ever felt like a total failure cooking rice, these days are over because you can now cook rice from your oven. Even better, you can now cook an entire side dish at once.

Slide in an oven of heavy-duty aluminum foil for a flawless cooking experience. This will allow you to bake rice without having to use any other utensil. It also makes the rice quicker to cook. However, you still need to ensure that there is no scorching or burning. This can be avoided if you flip the rice over after about 20 minutes if you are using a cast iron or stainless steel rice cooker.

After putting in the cast iron or stainless steel steamer, turn the oven off. Use a food thermometer to measure the temperature of the cooking vessel so that you know when it is ready. It is advised that you use a trivet or food thermometer because they are considered the safest. Bring the cooking vessel to a boil and place the rice into it.

Cover the rice tightly but leave a little space. Wait for it to start cooking. Once it reaches its boiling point, turn the oven off. Remove the lid and let the rice steam until it is done. The rice should be able to soak up some of the moisture left in the pot.

You can add in the boiling water or stock when the rice is ready. Add enough water so that the rice doesn't stick to the bottom. Stir the cooked rice well with a fork. Don't add in too much hot water. The boiling water will dissolve some of the nutrients and flavors from the rice making it less taste its finest.

Once the baked rice is cooled off, remove it from the oven. Your baked rice should be ready within about half an hour. Once the rice is cool, place it on a plate and serve with raw vegetables or steamed broccoli. This makes a simple yet nutritious starter dish that everyone loves.

If you are looking for healthier recipes, consider trying your hand at making baked rice instead of the usual white rice that you usually buy in the supermarket. Baked rice has more nutrients than its white rice counterpart. It also tastes much better. In fact, bakes rice is becoming very popular in the United States and has made its way into many restaurants. This has further increased its demand among Asian food lovers and made it even easier for cooks master the technique of cooking brown rice without the use of a rice cooker.

If you don't have the time to bake rice, then here's what you can do: Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add one pound of brown rice to the water and bring to a boil once more. Throw in one lemon because we don't want the water to be too salty (it will be) and then let it simmer on a piece of wood or metal. You can always put a lid on it if it begins to smell dry.

After about 45 minutes, you can remove the cooked rice from the pan and fluff up with a spatula. You can sprinkle with nonstick cooking spray, if you want a nonstick cooking experience. If you prefer, you can drizzle some oil on it and sprinkle with nutritional information. You can eat the rice right away or place it on top of steamed veggies for a delicious meal.

You might be asking yourself, why would I want to bake rice in a nonstick cooking spray? Well, you could use it for making cornbread, quiches, or any other dishes that require that type of food. The key is to not overheat the pan. If you do, your rice will be undercooked and will not taste like you are expecting it to.

If you are in the mood to experiment, try using heavy-duty aluminum foil for this step. Bring a pot of boiling water to a boil and place a piece of foil over it. Bake the rice for about 20 minutes until it becomes translucent. You can see the silver underneath with the foil. When you bite into it, you will be delighted.