The Taste of Brazil

Maria-Isabel is a beautiful young Dominican girl. She is sweet and thin with dark almond colored hair. Her parents are very loving and caring. Maria-Isabel has brown eyes and brown hair. Maria-Isabel has a big, strong, dark brown dog named Ladino. Maria-Isabel's younger brother, Paco, is about ten years old.



Maria-Isabel was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Her mother, Josefa, was a domestic maid. Josefa was a well educated lady, educated in the Spanish language. She had seven children. Her husband, Leonel, was a successful lawyer. It was very difficult for Maria-Isabel and her mother to afford everything that they needed, especially things like a home.

When Josefa passed away, Maria-Isabel's father, Leonel, became very depressed. He blamed himself for having an affair with his secretary while working in Washington, DC. Maria-Isabel was very upset because her mother never let them see her father again. They had to be patient with each other because Maria-Isabel's mother always believed that her mother was to blame for everything that went wrong in their family.

One day, Josefa came to Maria-Isabel's hospital room. She wanted to speak to her, but Maria-Isabel was too upset to talk. Josefa finally coaxed her to talk by placing her hand on her shoulder and saying that she loved her.

Maria-Isabel was taken to live with her mother and her little brother Paco. They were very poor. Maria-Isabel often became upset because her mother would not allow them to go to school. It was very depressing. In school, Maria-Isabel spent a lot of time drawing, painting and writing.

One day, Maria-Isabel was sitting at home alone when her father knocked on her door. She quickly hid behind the sofa and waited for him to leave. When her father arrived he was welcomed by Maria-Isabel's mother. Maria-Isabel's mother informed her daughter that her sister had just died. Maria-Isabel was devastated.

After several minutes, her father announced that he wanted to return to Vera Cruz with his wife. Maria-Isabel was very sad and did not want to go with her mother. Her mother tried to stop her by telling her that her sister wanted her to be happy and go to school. Maria-Isabel said that she did not want to leave her father and her baby.

The next day, her father returned home. Maria-Isabel was very upset because she wanted to go with her mother. Her father told her that she was not leaving him. On that day, her mother died of a heart attack. Maria-Isabel was inconsolable and believed that her mother was the one who died. Maria-Isabel's father did not tell her anything else about the death of his wife.

Several years later, Maria Carmen was walking on a bridge when a strange man approached her. The stranger asked her if she knew where her father lived. Maria Carmen did not know. The strange man then disappeared. Maria Carmen was too traumatized to go back home.

Several years later, Maria Carmen was walking on a beach when a fisherman approached her. He offered to help her find her father. Maria Carmen was hesitant to take his offer. Several other fishermen offered to help as well. Maria Carmen declined their offers.

Maria Carmen went to look for her father, but he could not be found. He was declared dead soon after his body was dug up. Later that day, his remains were discovered in a nearby field. Because of the stress that Maria Carmen had gone through, the police had to take care of finding the remains. A search was conducted and a small reward was given to the person who found the body.

Maria Carmen lived a very difficult life. She experienced much abuse by her stepfather and was repeatedly neglected by her mother. This could have easily been prevented if she only had some sort of protective service. As an adult, Maria-Carmen could have prevented this situation by taking better care of herself.